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Transfer noun. (transˈfər)

In some transportation systems, a ticket given or sold to the passenger to enable them to continue their journey to another point.---Welcome to Transfer Magazine's Submittable page! Here, you can submit artistic submissions to be considered for publication. Please take the time to read this page carefully. 


  1. Please submit each piece individually. 
  2. We accept all basic document and art file types. If your submission is not in the accepted file types when you go to submit, please email transfermagazine@gmail.com to let us know or simply change the file type yourself. 
  3. Remove your name from any and all pages on your submission document, including signatures or chops which can be added on later if your artwork is accepted for publication. If your signature or chop cannot be removed from your work, it is okay to submit it as-is. 
  4. Not a rule, but a heads up: If you submit something in color and it is accepted for publication, we can't guarentee that your artwork will be published in color. However, we will communicate with you if this is the case; you will know before publication how your piece will be printed. 


  • We accept all forms of artwork including comic strips, collages, paintings, drawings, photography, phtographed sculptures, etc. 
  • We do not accept media such as music, but, if you are determined enough, email transfermagazine@gmail.com and we will see what we can work out. 
  • You may submit up to ten submissions of any art media.*


  • Who can submit? 

San Francisco State University students only can submit. If you are a current student, you can submit. If you have recently graduated, you may submit to the first issue published after your graduation. 

  • What do I get if I am published? 

You will receive two free print copies of the issue you are published in as well as the notoriety a published author basks in. 

  • How can I join the staff? 

As an SFSU student, you must first take CW 640. Then if a position opens up, you may apply. Every semester the Fiction and Poetry Editor positions usually become available while the Editor in Chief and Managing Editor positions do not. If a position is not filled, the Transfer team will solicit Creative Writing majors to fill the positions. 

  • I'm an SF State student. Aren't I guarenteed to be published? 

No, you are not guarenteed to be published. The decision process is in the hands of the Poetry and Fiction editors. Occasionally, an executive decision to publish or not publish something will be made by the Editor in Chief. *Please do not submit more than the maxium number of works for each respective genre. If you submit more than the maxium number of works the editors will only review your first few submissions. Thank you.