SFSU students may submit:
- up to three works of short fiction
- up to three works of creative non-fiction
- up to three works of drama
- up to five works of poetry
- 3 to 10 works of visual art, including comics (please be aware that space for color artwork is limited and that pieces may need to be converted into black and white)

There are no submission fees.
Ends on February 20, 2018
SFSU students may submit:
  • Up to 5 poems
  • Up to 3 works of short fiction
  • Up to 3 pieces of creative non-fiction
  • Up to 3 works of drama
  • Up to 5 comic strips/short graphic stories
  • Up to 10 pieces of artwork

Please read carefully before submitting:
  1. Please submit each piece individually.
  2. Microsoft Word files (.doc, .docx) are preferred; PDFs and Apple Pages documents are accepted as well.
  3. The manuscript must NOT have your name or personal identifiers on any page.
  4. Please double-space works of narrative text and single-space works of poetry.
  5. Please do not forget to title your submission, and make sure the title is legible on the first page of the document (image attachments will be assumed to be titled according to the name of the submission).
  6. There is no submission fee.